Classic Club Cars

Classic Club Cars

We have currently 3 levels of cars exclusivity, ranging from 3 to 5 Stars (★). Some Examples of cars per category :

The number of cars of the club and the individual car models are in constant development. Club members have an influence on the choice of cars for the collection.

The rent level for the car for a day are a function of the car exclusivity level and the day in the week. Obviously, weekends are more expensive than weekdays. Public holidays and bridge days are counted as weekend.

Rental Fee per day :

Category : ★★★

Weekdays :
Membership Rate CHF 300 / Day

Non Membership Rate CHF 500 / Day
Saturday / Sunday / Holidays :
Membership Rate CHF 375 / Day

Non Membership Rate CHF 625 / Day
Weekend (Sa & Su) :
Membership Rate CHF 600

Non Membership Rate CHF 1000

Category : ★★★★

Weekdays :
Membership Rate CHF 400 / Day

Non Membership Rate CHF 670 / Day
Saturday / Sunday / Holidays :
Membership Rate CHF 500 / Day

Non Membership Rate CHF 850 / Day
Weekend (Sa & Su) :
Membership Rate CHF 800

Non Membership Rate CHF 1340

Category : ★★★★★

Weekdays :
Membership Rate CHF 530 / Day

Non Membership Rate CHF 900 / Day
Saturday / Sunday / Holidays :
Membership Rate CHF 670 / Day

Non Membership Rate CHF 1150 / Day
Weekend (Sa & Su) :
Membership Rate CHF 1060

Non Membership Rate CHF 1800

Just to give you an idea of the possibilities: with Platinum Membership car rental credit, you can take the Maserati Spyder for 5 days or 2 weekends in the year or drive a mixture of our cars for around 7 days per year. As Non-Member, you would have only 4 days of driving for the same amount. Iif you haven’t used all your rental credit, you can transfer them to the next year in the case of Gold and Platinum membership.

Car reservation is easy through our on-line reservation system, using your personal club member card. In order to keep all cars available to all members, we have put in place some rules:

  • Reservations are open 2 weeks in advance. Every member has 3 “options” through the year to reserve his favorite dates further in advance. Please contact us.
  • Maximum car reservation time for on-line reservation is 1 week. Please contact us for longer periods.
  • Reservation of the same car is only possible for 2 times in a row.
  • Car reservations that are cancelled less than 48 hours in advance will be counted as taken.

Pick up and returns of our cars typically happens at our premises. For an extra fee, we can arrange for a handover at your place. Pick up of the car for a day’s use starts at 9h in the morning, returns need to be done before 7h of the next day.

Season is typically from March to November. For car use outside of the season, please contact us. In order to preserve our cars, we don’t like to take our cars out in winter conditions.

All our cars are maintained and checked to the highest levels by our experts for optimal reliability during the use by the members. This will ensure you a carefree driving experience. In order to ensure this high quality standard, there are a number of rules for the use of the cars:

  1. No commercial use of the cars
  2. No circuit use of the cars
  3. No rallye’s with the cars, with exceptions possible for regularity rallye’s.
  4. Car trips only in the European countries that are covered by our all-risk insurance

Also, in the exceptional case of a car breakdown, we will naturally help you for car repair and transport. If the car breaks down within a 100km radius of the Geneva Classic Car Club premises, we will join you and either repair the car on site or transport the car back to our place and (if available) give you a replacement classic car. Beyond this limit, it will be difficult for us to offer this service. We therefore strongly advise members to join the TCS road services or comparable. We can assist you with the administration of such an adherence.

At the first use of a car by a member, we will provide an instruction to the use of the car and go with you for a training tour before handing over the car.

Cars will be delivered to the members washed & cleaned, with all fluid levels and tire pressure checked and with a full tank of petrol. When returning the car, the tank should be filled up again. Otherwise, we will provide this service at a separate fee. Please contact us.

If the car is used for more than 1 day in a row, members will be asked to check the fluid levels themselves and fill up if necessary during the trip. We would explain the details at the moment of handing over the car.

All cars are fully all-risks insured with a franchise of CHF 2500, to be covered by the member individually in case of own caused accident and main mechanical damage. A deposit of CHF 2500 will be asked from our members before the first use of one of our cars.

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