Geneva Classic Car Club Membership

There are 3 levels of membership to fit your needs:


Silver Membership

500 CHF

With a Silver membership you get :

Access to car of level 3, 4 and 5

40% off all bookings

Gold Membership

1500 CHF

With a Gold membership you get :

1250 CHF in-store credit

40% off all bookings

Leftover credit can be used next year

Platinum Membership

2500 CHF

With a Platinum membership you get :

2500 CHF in-store credit

Access to all exclusive cars

40% off all bookings

Leftover credit can be used next year

For Member & 1 named partner

Club Membership

Geneva Classic Car club offers to its members and customers full service rent of Classic Cars of the Club’s Car collection. The rental fee includes:

  1. All running costs of the cars: tax, insurance, parking space, repairs & maintenance, consumables
  2. No kilometer limitation. Possibility to use all cars in the club collection (in case of Gold & Platinum Membership). Influence on the choice of cars for the collection.
  3. Free participation to club events.

Application can be done through the “Become Club Member” page. Membership Applications will go through a review process by Club Management including driving license check.

Minimum age is 28, you need to have for 5 years your driving license (Swiss Driving License B or internationally recognized identical).

Membership duration is 1 year. Extraordinary membership termination by club management without advance notice is possible in case of misbehavior or severe car damage by the club member.

All cars are fully all-risks insured with a franchise of CHF 2500, to be covered by the member individually in case of own caused accident and main mechanical damage. A deposit of CHF 2500 will be asked from our members before the first use of one of our cars.

Only Gold & Platinum Membership obtain a rental credit at advantageous rates and give you the possibility to drive all cars of the collection. If you haven’t used all your credits, these will be transferred to the next year.


Members get Members:

You like the Geneva Classic Car Club with the possibility to rent many classic cars without worries at a reduced rate? Tell this to your friends and
invite them to join the club also. For every new club member that is recruited by a member, the existing member gets a rental credit of 200chf.

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