Maserati Biturbo Spyder

This is certainly one of the most exciting cars of the 80’s. Core of the attraction is the motor with its fabulous sound and even today breathtaking acceleration that was beating the Ferrari models at the time. In those years, Maserati was at the forefront of the turbo technology with its 2 small turbos that reduce the turbo lag. This is a very Italian car, with plenty of character and a very nice design, especially of the interior. Biturbos have had a bad reputation in terms of reliability. This was really driven by the early models, models from 1985 onwards are much better. Well maintained, as our example, they are perfectly reliable. Our Spyder version adds to this Biturbo technique all the advantages of a cabriolet, one of them being that you can better hear the engine.

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Year : 1988
Engine : 6 cylinder in V form, 2,5 Liter, injection, double turbos
Performance : 196 hp
Transmission : Manual 5 gears
Top speed : 215 km/h
Acceleration 0-100km/h : 6.4 sec
Number of places : 2
Seatbelts : yes

Car Category : ★★★★★★

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