Maserati Ghibli II

Maserati’s are cars for connoisseurs and this one makes no exception. It is truly a fantastic car to drive! It is a discrete car, with a restrained, although powerful, exterior and an opulent interior. The last of the line of the V6 Biturbo’s, it is often judged by the catastrophic reputation of the first ones. This car however is the fruit of 15 years of improvements on the concept, both by De Tomaso and by Fiat, resulting in a very fast and balanced car. Road holding was certainly amongst the best in the 90’s and is still today impressive. And as a true Maserati, it gives you these sports car performances with the comfort and space of a Grand Turismo.

Security Deposit : CHF 2500

Year : 1998
Engine : 6 cylinder in V form, 2,8 Liter, injection, double turbos
Performance : 287 hp
Transmission : Manual 6 gears
Top speed : 260 km/h
Acceleration 0-100km/h : 5.8 sec
Number of places : 2+2
Seatbelts : yes

Car Category : ★★★★

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