Driving round in this car really feels good, like holidays. Somehow the funny shape reduces the seriousness of the usual, pragmatic traffic, somehow the funny noise – deng-deng-deng-deng – and the big windows, through which you see the landscape flying by convey immediately the feeling of ease and well-being. Besides everybody smiles at you, because the unusual shape attracts a lot of amused attraction. A strong point for guys, by the way – women love this car …  It’s not hard to drive, once you get the grip of the steering, which is a bit truck-like. The gearshift is placed near the steering wheel, very handy by the way (I wonder why they stopped doing it), and furthermore the car is technically rather basic, so to speak, the dashboard has no more than three or four switches, light, windshield wipers(?), choke. The suspension is settee-soft, like in all classic Citroëns, and it tips at bit in the curves, which is fun too. It’s so very different from driving a modern car and the feeling of sitting enclosed in a time capsule is truly great!!!

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